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1 posts from October 2013


Fall 2013, Issue II, Mexico City Excursion!


Excursion to Mexico City!

One of the most looked-forward to activities every semester is our excursion to Mexico City. Students had the chance to explore a very different city than that which they now call home, since Mexico City is a megalopolis of 21 million people versus the 150,000 or so in Guanajuato!

We left Guanajuato before in the wee hours of the morning before dawn and after a sleepy van ride, arrived to our first stop- the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city; Teotihuacan.


We felt the invigourating energy from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, a majestic structure carefully planned in such a way that on the day of the summer solstice the sun sets exactly opposite its front side.

We claped in front of the Kukuclan pyramid and heard our claps turn into the singing of the Quetzal bird.


Next stop was downtown Mexico City- El Centro and the Zocalo. We had quite a suprising "welcoming committee" greet us on the way in... a group of teachers (all men) protesting in their ropa interior on Insurgentes!

  Unusual welcome

Our students enjoyed walking through history while taking pictures of the Presidencial Palace and the Cathedral of Guadalupe near the Zocalo.


We relished the smells and flavors of the Jamaica market, famous for its colorful fruits, amazing variety of flowers and food.

Mexico City and the markets were particularly festive in preparation for Mexican Independence Day, celebrated every September 16th.

Market group 2
Festive market
The students also attended a live Lucha Libre wrestling match and got to practice some lesser known vocabulary words ;)

Lucha libre
Mexico City is a culinary paradise, and we enjoyed  lots and lots of both trendy and traditional food, eating tacos at a renowned restaurant in the hip Condesa neighborhood and a typical meal from the state of Guerrero, Con Sabor a Tixtla, complete with a fabulous guacamole class! 

Ilsie guac

Katie guac

Finally, we wrapped up our trip with a visit to historic Coyoacan and Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul and typical coffee at Cafe Jarocho.

The excursion was a great chance to learn more about the rich history of Mexico and get us in the mood to celebrate Independece Day the next week! Back home in Guanajuato, students met at the Alhondiga the evening of El Grito to channel the energy of Mexican Revolutionaries... Viva Allende! Viva Hidalgo! Viva CIee Guanajuato!

Viva mexico

P.S. - Feliz cumpleaƱos to our September birthdays, Sean and Ilsie!